Friday, September 17, 2010

Ooh Look, Some Swatches!

I know, I know, it's about time, right? Yeah, I've been super busy with everything here. A couple random things that you may or may not care about:

Missy was in to the vet today because of her behavior changes recently. We did find hookworms, so all the critters are getting wormed. We're hoping that pain from that is what is causing her to be a snot, but if it isn't, I've also sent her blood into Hemolife for a full thyroid screen and other bloodwork. Thyroid issues are one of the first things to rule out in unexpected random aggression, and this would qualify as that. Luckily, she hasn't gotten truly mean or anything, just growly and cranky. And only with the dogs, which helps too.

The other thing is that with autumn coming on, and taking us to winter, we get more sore, and less sociable than we already are. Sometimes this leads to me having more time online, and others it takes away, as I struggle to get things done, and keep The Mate from falling any further into depression as his ability to get around is curtailed even more. So, if my posts get more scarce, that's why... and if I suddenly get logomania, that is explained as well.

Anyway, let's get to the swatches, so that you can see some color. I've got a pink collection from Claire's, and some of the fall Maybellines.

I'll start with the set of six pinks from Claire's. They are minis, and do not have names (I really prefer named polishes), so, uh, I guess I'll just post away. First, a lightish pink.
Gotta love that blue flash in the pink there. This is the type of color I love to use on my toes. Here it is over black.

Next one. A little darker and brighter.
Pink with microglitter, I love these kinds on my toes too. And it looks like this over black.

And one more that was sorta sheer. Also, the darkest one of the bunch.
Much darker pink with small glitter. This looks more like fuchsia to me. Check it out over black.

Now for the three that weren't sheer enough to bother with layering.  The first is another that has a bit of a blue flash to it. I probably could have layered it over black too, but I was getting lazy. LOL

And this is a great neon pink, which always seems to look coral when I try to get pictures. As you can see, it dries to that matte-ish finish that is so common with neons.

Oh this pastel pink is a cute one... and if I were a pink lover, I'd probably wear this all the time. When I'm in the mood for it though, this is the kind I really like.

All in all, the application on these was pretty good, as I've discovered in the past with Claire's polishes. I can't say anything as to wear, as I pretty much change my polish daily, or maybe after two days for the most part.

Now, moving on to the Maybellines. I've just got four of them for you today, so let's take a look. I'll start with Berry Fancy. It's a 3-coater, maybe 4 if you do thin coats like I did, and it turns out to be a lovely deep plummy color.

Next let's take a peek at Gray-t Glamour. I didn't bother with these over black, though I suppose I could have. This has a nice shimmer in it, and I think that with a matte top coat, it would look like a highway.

Here is Grand In Green.It's not quite a Zulu dupe to my eyes, but it is close to that Milani that came out recently. Maybe if I have time I can test that theory out.

And the last is Charming Cobalt. I think this is my favorite of these, because it has that glow-from-the-inside thing going on. Three coats is definitely enough, but two would work if you use thicker coats than I do. It's really shiny even without topcoat.

Hopefully within a day or three I'll have some more swatches for you, some Nicoles, and a few other random ones. Plus, I need to do my Viva La Nails review and show off the nail art I made with those. I am so in love with the water decals. If we hadn't needed to spend all this money on the pups, I would have placed an order for lots more of those this week. But the dogs are worth it.

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