Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transport Pics to share! Part 1

Since I'm barely getting anything done around here, I guess I'll share pictures from last weekend's transport. There are so many pictures that I'm splitting it into two posts. This first post will be all the dogs that rode in the other vehicles, and then I'll post the ones that rode with me. At some point I'll make a late supper, and tonight I'm soaking in the tub. It'll only relieve my skin while I'm in there, and for a few minutes, but it'll be worth the later pain. Anyway, let's see the doggies!

I only got one picture of this sweetheart.

This darling girl was kinda shy.
Not that you can tell from that picture. Hee. But this is more of what I saw.

Just look at this darling.
If you like Labs, then this is the kind dog you'll love. He sure wanted to play.

This little cutie was so cheerful.
I happen to like black dogs, but they are the least likely to be adopted.

I love this dog.
He reminds me a bit of Missy.
I wish I could play with all these dogs for hours.

This dog was an instant favorite, and very cheerful.
He gave me tons of slobbery kisses. One of the other drivers said he was in love with me. Hee!
I love how he was posing for me.

Check out this doll.
Doesn't she make you just want to cuddle her?
I wasn't that much of a Beagle person until we got Krissie, and now I'm constantly seeing how they compare to her.
Their cute stocky bodies, little noses, and often the freckled color. Just so cute.

And this guy's color is just awesome.
This is a dog I could really easily have been talked into if I were looking.
Full of pep and ready to go. I bet he'd have a blast with Missy.
And bonus, he doesn't have a tail of doom to break things with, like our dogs have. Hee.

Such a lovely group of dogs this trip, as usual. And this weekend we have an even bigger group going, so hopefully I'll have a bunch of pictures again. I'll be back with the four that hitched a ride with me after a while.

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