Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transport Pics to share! Part 2

Okay, time to share the pictures of my four hitchhikers last weekend. I had the, uh, honor of driving the smallest and the largest dog on the transport. And they were all sweethearts. Let's take a look!

First up, Tucker. What a cutie pie.
Tucker had the honor of riding in the crate, because Tucker (who is a girl) is a dog that likes to GO.
This is not one of the skinny dogs that we run into so much. She's some kind of Bassett mix, and very strong.

Tucker and Hannah were buddies, but Hannah would have been overcrowded riding with Tucker, so she rode tethered next to the crate.

Hannah is a Dalmatian mix.
As you can see, she was bouncing around a bit too.
She enjoyed the ride while she was awake, but as you saw, she did nap on the way.
Such lovely colors. And she was really sweet too.
Somebody is going to have a really nice dog there.

She got to meet up with Bonnie for a few seconds.

And now we have Sunny, who was the biggest dog on this trip.
Sunny is apparently a Great Pyrenees mix.
He was sweet as can be, which is great when you are dealing with 93 pounds of dog.
As you can see, he barely fit in the Jeep because he's so tall. I really like big dogs a lot.
It would be easy to talk me into bringing home a dog like this if I had the space.

And last, but not least... wait, I guess she is least, as Charm was the smallest dog on the transport.
She's a long-haired Chihuahua, and just look how tiny!
She was nervous, but did like some cuddling.
After the snuggles, she chose to go kick back on the passenger seat some more.
She was a little bit like a toddler who claims not to be tired.
But she eventually gave in and napped.

She got to greet Mary while we were transferring dogs.

Next weekend's transport looks to be a big one, apparently we're looking at 18 dogs. I hope I get some nice big ones again! and now, I'm going to go lounge in the tub with my laptop so I can read in peace. Hee. Now that it's just The Mate and I, it's okay for me to leave the door ajar, and have cats and dogs wander in and out while I soak. As long as none of them gets IN the tub, it's all good.

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