Thursday, September 9, 2010

Transport pictures!

I am remiss in posting pictures of the last couple transports, so I thought I'd work on catching up. I had the honor of taking three pups up to Buffalo to get to rescue from Grayson, and got a lot of great pictures of them. They were not named, but I don't mind, I enjoyed them a ton on the way. It was a 9 week old Chihuahua pup, a 7-8 month old Doxie, and a Terrier that was about a year and a half estimated. Let's see them!

First up, the adorable little Chi, who spent some of her time up on my shoulder, and relaxing behind my neck. I coulda cuddled her all day long!

I've always said I don't care for little dogs, but that's not really true.

Doesn't that just make your heart melt?

Look how tiny she is...fitting all of herself on my shoulder.

I do have to say, I got a few strange looks on the road.

Now I want to remind you, that traveling with dogs loose in your vehicle is not particularly a good idea. Since I only had the truck, and fitting in three crates is really tough, I muddled through though. I'm not going to feel bad about it, because I feel that getting these little pups to rescue was more important than being strict on safety. I did turn off the airbag though, just in case. Now let's meet the Doxie.

He spent some time on the arm rest, and some time napping. I had started with a crate on the passenger seat, but wound up pulling over to move it to the back, because the dogs were not thrilled about the crowding.

I just love the coloring on this little guy. He enjoyed time with the Chihuahua girl along the way.

Of course, he was pretty tired after playing, and took a nice nap.

Just look at those puppy dog eyes. Next we need to meet the sweet Terrier.

He definitely wanted to spend his ride in my lap more than anywhere else.

He must have liked the scenery. I took smaller back roads this time, to avoid the tolls.

My arm was the perfect height for him to look out the window, I guess.

I know, that picture is blurry, but I wanted to show how active he got when we arrived.

The three of them all got along quite well.

See? That crate just took up all the space. And whoever was in a crate just made so much noise, that I couldn't concentrate on driving.

Now when we arrived, of course we had to let them get some running around time, and they had a blast.

After they went with their new foster person, I stuck around and took some pictures of the cats, some that I transported in the past. I've got some pictures of them to share in a few minutes.

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