Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

I'm here, I'm near, I'm dear... oh heck, I'm just SOMEthing. Anyway, it's time for today's edition of Blog of the Day. I was tempted to try and find a Jeep blog, since we got ours back today, but I really prefer to go with blogs that I'm already following and reading. Sure, some of them have more followers than I could even dream of, but I'm also doing this for myself. This blog is a place where I can write nonsense, stick in pictures, and generally relax.

Anyway, back to the business at hand. Today's blog is Chromatic Misadventures! Her blog isn't much for words, it's all about the pictures! And that's just fine by me. Of course, that makes it even harder to pick just a few posts as favorites, because they ALL are! But, I did find a few that made me drool. With envy, because I want my nails to look like that!

Foil Silver

Unnamed Franken with CND Sugar Baby

Revlon Streetwear Envy

I would so much looove to collect all the Streetwears, but of course, they are long discontinued, and getting ahold of them is tough. Luckily, Claudia shows them off in her blog, so I can at least see them.

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