Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

I know I should be posting more stuff, but I have a 'lovely' (that would be a good place to use a sarcasm mark) new symptom, probably from the meds. Today, I'm so dizzy that I can't walk without holding onto the walls. Of course, this means that the dogs have only been out on short leashes in front, because I can't walk them out back. No chores have gotten done because I can't stand up well enough to do them. Me cook dinner? Yeah, not happening. So, let's think about things that are happy-making instead. Like, my Blog of the Day. Because I have a lovely nail polish blog to share with you (Have you noticed that animals and nail polish make up most of my happies?). Today I'm showcasing Lissa's Nails!

Her nails are lovely, her pictures are great, and in general it's just a nice blog. With SO many blogs out there, (and I'm working on finding them all too), it's not always easy to say that a blog is good, or nice, or lovely... because they all are, but there are always some that make you smile just a little more, and I guess this is one of those. So, as usual, I also picked out a few posts for you to see.

Funky French - I love this mani, and if I didn't hate the way my nails look with psoriasis, I'd probably do something like this a lot.

OPIs and Topcoats and Blather, Oh My - A comparison of some topcoats. I'm always fascinated by how one tc will work best for one person, and be awful for another.

SH Complete Salon mani in Gray By Gray - And it has a nice layering polish over it.

So there you go. Yet another blog that deals with nail polish for you to peruse.

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