Thursday, October 7, 2010

Revlon Mattes and Some Other Swatches

Of course as soon as I saw the new Revlons at Target, I *had* to pick them up. And when I found some Nicoles on clearance, those had to come home too. Well, now that they are here, I should totally share what they look like! So this post is for those!

Let's start with the Revlons. These are pretty nice. I can see using all of them for the holidays, and beyond. I swatched them in my usual way, and slapped some top coat (Seche Vite) over the index finger to show how they look all shinified.

Oops, that last one is just a touch blurry, but you get the idea.

Now let's see the Nicoles I found. Shimmy Shimmer looks like it has a duochrome flash to it, but it doesn't show very strongly on the nail. Still, a nice color.

Party At 3AM! is a gorgeous black base with purple flash.

Black To The Future also looks like it could be a duochrome flash, but it's pretty subtle.

And, for kicks, when I did my Models Own week, I did some layering to see how they looked. I regularly do experimenting on my right hand, then use what I like best on my left for pictures. And yes, I go out of the house that way, and leave it as is. Hee.

My cuticles are suffering a LOT from the new meds, so I'm going to go soak my nails a while, and see if I can work on them. They look like I haven't done anything with them for weeks, when in fact I've been babying them a lot. Hope you enjoyed these!

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