Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

It's turning into a pattern to do these at night, isn't it? I guess it's not like it matters, it's just a post. So yeah, today I'm back with an animal blog, specifically, a dog blog. It's Full Tilt Border Collies!

I love this blog, the pictures are way awesome, and I can't see how one could NOT adore the dogs. It's hard to pick posts out when I would like to share them all, so I went kinda random this time.

Idle Hands - What happens when one is locked in a basement with dogs, Paint, and Mike's Hard Lemonade? Go read and find out.

Happy Fifth Birthday Stinky Pete - A whole slew of pictures of Klink. Who is Klink? You'll have to read and see.

Busy Busy Day - Lots of pictures of Even, some really lovely ones. You'll have to go look to find out who Even is.

And there is plenty more to look at if you'd like, so head on over and see what it's like to go full tilt.