Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Many Giveaways, So Little Time!

I have another big post of giveaways for you today. Then I'll post some swatches, and my Blog of the Day, and we'll see if I have time for anything else. I finally gave in and turned on the furnace last night, so we aren't all shivering around here today.  Well, by we, I mean everybody else, because apparently I'm suddenly the most frozen person in PA. I think it has to do with the meds. Anyway, hop on in here and check out these great giveaways!

I'll start by posting this UK only giveaway (for anybody over the pond who reads). I don't care if I can enter or not, I just want to share so that more people get chances to get neat stuff.
Flaws and All - 100 Followers Giveaway - ends October 9th.

Happy Berry Naiad has a cute contest going, where you get to try to guess what polish she is giving away! I made my best guesses, now you should go try too! Click here to do it!

Beauty With Brains has a $50 Macy's Gift Card to give away! You should go over here and enter right now!

Slide on over and enter Beauty Verdict's contest here. How can you NOT want to win those?

Look at these lovely ladies... Enter to win the Zoya Find Your Perfect Red over at Concrete & Nail Polish

Body and Soul Beauty has their October Contest up, and the first prize is the whole China Glaze Collection. There are second prizes as well. You'll want to hurry up and enter by October 22nd.

.Sweet Sugar has a sweet giveaway as well. Just look at the beauty of those two polishes. Zip over there and enter as soon as you can!

Imperfectly Painted has a gorgeous giveaway to celebrate 500 followers. You've got to enter by October 28th, so run over and do it now!

Lucy's Stash is also celebrating 500 followers, and she's got all those beautiful polishes to give away, plus chocolate! You should dive right in and enter over here to get your chance.

Well, The Mate is cooking dinner early today (I'm so glad too, I was NOT up for cooking on top of everything else), so I'm going to get these dogs out for some play time in between rain and drizzlings. They are all sorts of wired up, so maybe if I wear them out a bit, they'll relax while we eat.

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