Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NOTDs to Peruse.

Just to keep you in suspense a little longer, here are some NOTD pics, from the beginning of November.

I know, I'm so mean. Hee.

On the 1st day of Christm.... Oh wait, this is November. Never mind.

So on the 2nd, this lovely dark shimmery blue what what I used. Ruby Kisses does a great job with these kinds of colors.
So, since I liked the color, I thought I'd Konad over it with the white konad polish.
Then on the 4th, I went with FP Art of Theft, and topped it with a few coats of Brucci Glisten To Me. I really love the way this mani looked, so I left it on a few days.

Jump to the 7th, and I chose OPI Sapphire In The Snow, then did Konad with ummm, I can't remember which polish.
On the 8th, I figured I'd change up and do this lovely dark shimmer from Maybelline. Doesn't look very chocolatey to me.

So the next day, I played with konading and dotting over it, and then did matte top coat over a couple nails to see the difference. Which is better?

For the 10th, I went with Milani Dot Com, which is a pretty nice polish.

On the 11th, I just added CC Covered In Diamonds. I'm loving that as a top coat.

On the 12th, a wonderful purple hit my tips, and I added the butterfly water decals just cuz.

Okay, how about a couple bonus kitty pix for all your patience?

Callie says, "I love you box."

Gwennie says, "Huh?"

Okay, I'll feed the critters, and then, if I can get them to settle down, I'll come back and post last weekend's transport pictures and some pictures of Bo.

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