Sunday, December 12, 2010

One More Picture Post Before Bed.

Okay, I'm a little wired up, so I'll make one more post, then I'm crawling into bed with my Kindle and reading until I do get tired. I'm up to over a thousand books on that thing, so it'll keep me occupied for a while. The best part? Almost all of the books I've gotten have been free, because they are in the public domain, or were offered up for free for a limited time. The rest have all cost under $7, with most being in the $1-2 range. And I'll admit I'm hooked on the games that Amazon has too, though I've only got the free ones. I may spring for more later. But anyway, this is polish now. I'm rambly too. Go figure. So, click and check out some more November NOTDs.

I'm getting a little behind again, so I'd better post a bunch this time. Muahaha. Let's start with those lovely Essies I got in the set. I posted bottle pics a while back, and finally used them. Here's Blood Curdling. It is a great vampy red, and does look a lot like blood.

This is Midnight Tango. It's a grand deep blue shimmer that doesn't lean to black as some do.

And here is Bone Chilling. It dis a great white, though of course not a one coater or anything THAT impressive.

Essie hit the ball out of the park on these. It's not that the colors are the bestest ever, but the quality of these polishes was excellent, they flowed onto the nail well, and were very easy to work with. If every Essie polish was this good, I'd probably be way more into Essie. Well, except that they don't always do the bright colors I prefer. But they're doing more, so we'll just see. Let's move on now.

This is Color Club Resort To Red, and I can't label correctly, right? D'oh! Anyway, there is one finger topped with Amour Rain Glitter, anotehr with CC Covered In Diamonds, and one with Brucci Glisten To Me.

Here we have a Glitter Gal holo. I really like their holos, they show up so well, and distract me a lot. I have to watch out driving long distances with these on my nails, lest I drive off the road!

Check out this great brown from NYC, topped with SH Golden Ticket. I really like the way it turned out.

This polish is prettier than this picture makes it look, I think. It's blue, grey, dove grey, sorta murky, and just pretty in general.

OH I love this one! Icing seems to spell things a little oddly at times (No Whinning?), but I don't care. The shimmer in this was awesome, but I totally could not resist adding Planet Pluto over the top. It looked amazing!

And here is Color Club Snakeskin. I really like this color.

As long as we're looking at Color Club, let's see some more of those.

This one nearly killed me DED from pretty! This is my actual Turkey Day NOTD.

Just for giggles, I also played with it over several other colors for my right hand. I don't mind having two different ideas on my hands, I've even done different colors on each hand.

And while I was stuffed, this is what I went with.

Leftovers, leftovers! I love them. Here's another CC polish.

Okay, the next polish post will be my PINK WEEK polishes, including the Ulta3, Rimmel, and Colorama polishes I won from Cosmetic Cupcake. I posted the picture earlier, so you can go look if you want a sneak peek of what you'll be seeing.

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