Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quick Prize Post... Or, I WON!!!

You've Got Nail was running a contest last month, and I managed to be the international winner! All that was required was to tell the ladies from piCture pOlish why piCture pOlish lacquers would make your manicure picture perfect. Well, I guess I done good, because they chose my entry out of a bunch! Check out what I got in the mail!!! And I added my entry on there too. I thought it would be fun to use as many of their polish names as I could, and I guess they liked it. 
Now, I know, I've said before I'm not a pink gal, but I think I'm sort of converting. Not that I'm going to give up my flashy colors, but right now I am really REALLY glad that I chose Flirt. You see, the formula is frikkin' PERFECT, and this is a one coater. ONE coat for a pink? That's unpossible! Well, no, it isn't. If they all go on as well as this one, then piCture pOlish is going to turn into a Go-To lacquer for me! And hey, they didn't even pay me to say that. Disclaimer time - nobody could possibly pay me enough to be enthused over their product if I'm not enthused. In this case, I am enthused. A lot.

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