Monday, January 10, 2011

Some China Glaze Swatches.

Man oh man, I have so much to do, and it seems like so little time to do it in. And then yesterday there was an emergency transport, and I couldn't resist. Plus I have a bunch of pictures to edit, but with everything going on, I don't know when I'll fit that in! And I really want to catch up on blogs, I've got tons to read! Maybe if I can really really bust my butt, I can even find some time to swatch while I edit, since I have some new stuff to show you. For today, though, it's going to be China Glaze swatches. I've been meaning to post these, so take the leap and see which ones I've got to share!

I love these glitters.
Glam (oops, my middle fingers got dented up)

Dynasty (I like this better than I thought I would)

Bad Kitty (the name alone makes this one awesome)

Goddess (I love the different sized glitter)

Polar Ice (definitely a layering polish)

Sour Apple (probably needs 6 coats for full coverage, but I bet it would look fantastic over green)

Solar Flare (I can see using this for nail art)

Sunshine (another 6 coater, but I luuuurve my yellows)

I really would like to get all of these glitters, but the chances are not so good. So many polishes, so little time. I've really got to get things done so I can set up a polish room up here instead of keeping it all downstairs. Eventually I'll have to do some culling as well. Well, off I go, so that maybe I can catch a break later and sot down for a while.