Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Polish Brand ~ Cult Nails!

So, when Claire's week was over, I planned to do a Jessie's Girl week next (with a couple Oke Doke polishes in there). But before that my order from Cult Nails came with the first bottle of polish I ordered from them. It was the only one available at the time (now they have three more, and I've ordered them all). So hey, just take a look at the color!

First, a SLAP-IT-ON manicure that I did in between the last Claire's and the Cult polish. Sally Hansen Orange You Fast!

These pictures were taken outside, in case you didn't guess that. And no, I wasn't driving when I took this. But I was in the Jeep.

And now let's move on to the really impressive stuff!

Now this *IS* My Kind of Cool Aid! Just look at that pretty bottle. My preference for nice square bottles notwithstanding, I quite like it.

I like the font used, the nice size, and round isn't all bad. No funky/strange shapes to deal with, they will line up nicely. And that's good enough.

Plus, just look at the shimmer packed into this polish. Lavender isn't my favorite color, or even my 2nd favorite, but this one is particularly flattering.

It's got a dusky grey quality to it, but it is definitely lavender, and no, I don't believe it's a copy of Paradoxical from Chanel, which I didn't buy. I'm not generally willing to spend that much for a bottle of polish unless I *REALLY* like the color.

Cult Nails sells their polish for $10 per bottle, which isn't a bad price in my opinion.

Here's what makes it worth it. This is two coats. Two coats of beautiful shimmer packed in there, and it practically applied itself. I mean, there are a LOT of good polishes out there, and lots of them aren't too pricey, but this really does go on the nail in a fantastic manner.

And just look at the depth in the color. Yeah, color me impressed. Impressed enough that I pre-ordered the other two which are being released hopefully this weekend. Along with a 4th color, that looks like it is a red to die for.

Seriously? Click on this and look closer at the shimmer. It's beautiful. Oh, and as for disclaimers... I bought this with my own money, and nobody paid me or pressured me to say any nice things about this polish. It's all me, baby! (Stop laughing at me.)

Okay, now I'd really better get in bed, it's after 3 am, and morning will show up way too early.

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