Wednesday, February 9, 2011

January Halfway Point

So, on January 15th, these are the dogs who made their way to a new life via transport.

You may notice there aren't any pictures in the Jeep this time, that would be because I just showed up to take pictures this time around, as I wasn't needed to drive. Since I was going to be just up the road from there anyway, I grabbed the camera and went to catch these shots. So, I'm not going to comment on all the dogs, just let the pictures speak for themselves. Like the 4 Great Pyrenees puppies, which were super adorable balls of fluff. Away we go.

And one more shot of Claire's Bright Skies on my nails.

I skipped the next weekend, since The Mate had his surgery the 18th, and I wasn't about to leave him alone for anything.

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