Friday, February 11, 2011

Transport Pics From 1-29

I hope I don't need to include the year on that date, since y'all probably know that it's this year. I'm not *that* far behind. Yet. Haha. I am still behind, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up eventually. So anyway, let's take a peek at the adorable dogs that went along for the ride that day.

The weather was cold, the roads were icy, and the dogs were extra special. In fact, I was brought to tears more than once on this trip. You'll see why. We'll start with Amy.

ClaraBelle, the Weimaraner mix was pretty adorable.

These two Beagles were awfully cute.

This little noisemaker is Mocha. She wanted some lovings!

Skippy was so very frightened, and wound up riding under somebody's seat. He'll be better off now, though, as there is somebody who will take the time to socialize him. That was my first set of tears.

Summer was a happy camper.

Next, Zita made me cry, because she was so very thin (even for a Greyhound), and because her leg had been broken, and didn't heal completely properly.

She didn't care though, she was happy.

This is Flossie, the blind and deaf girl who made the trip. Yes, I cried over her. Stop laughing at me.

That face... I just would have loved to give her everything she could dream of.

I had quite the Jeepful, and this is pretty much the only picture of Bear that I got.

And now for the biggest tearjerker of all. Rabbit, a frightened, partially hairless Chow mix. Even with a blurry picture, you can see how bald she is.

Once I finally got her out of her crate (she rode in my front seat, near the heater), she did settle a bit, but even noise scared her, and I was so worried she'd get cold. If ever there was a dog that I *REALLY* wanted to bring home and spoil rotten, this one was it. And to top it off, she reminded me a lot of Jessie, except much smaller.

This is what it looked like along the way when the snow wasn't pouring down on us.

And of course, as usual, there was some idiot who made it into the ditch. Seriously? It's not that tough to SLOW DOWN when the weather is bad. I'm a freakin' leadfoot and I can manage it!

And that's that. I'll be back shortly with some more nail polish, and then tomorrow I'll try to get pictures of the transport I did a day after this. Yeah, two for that weekend, because it was for Grayson. I refuse to turn them down if I can help it, that was pretty much how I got started in transporting! Plus, kitty play time!