Friday, March 25, 2011

I Didn't Lose My Marbles!

Okay, maybe I did. Whatever. So I'm still playing with the whole marbling thing, and trying to get better at it. So first up tonight is a marble I did using Piggy Polish neon colors. Then, from a blog sale, I picked up a couple of Naughty Nailz polishes, so I figured I'd give those a shot. So pop on in and see my next three NOTDs.

As I said, the marbly one is first. These are the three polishes I used.

I picked these up on clearance at Ulta. I sure wish we had one closer, because I usually find plenty to buy, but I just don't get there very often.

I think this one turned out looking pretty cool. I did it over a white base.

It is all spring-y and pretty to me.

Please forgive the state of my cuticles, I moisturize about 90 times a day, use gloves, and do all I can, but they are just in horrid shape.

I might want to do more like this for spring, since it's so much fun.

The next mani I did was with Naughty Nailz Late Night Fantasy.

This is a vampy red, and it's quite nice. I should try it out next to Cult Nails Quench and see how close they are.

Naughty Nailz has three collections - X, XX, and XXX. The names fit in with those, and  of course, the more Xs, the, uh, 'dirtier' the name. I'm the type who isn't shy about wearing something with a racy name, but if you are, maybe you'll want to avoid the stronger names here.

I love dark colors on short nails. Not that there is anything wrong with them on longer ones, it's just that on me, I think darker is better on shorter. Lighter colors can go on any length. Yeah, I know, I'm weird.

Really, I haven't found anything colorwise that I just cannot wear at all. There are some colors I don't care for nearly as much, but I seem to have a skin tone that manages to look okay with pretty much any color.

One thing about dark colors like this is that they can be tougher to clean up neatly.

However, this one wasn't too bad for cleaning up.

Last one for this post, and this is from the XXX collection. Here is 12 Inch Gang Bang.

This color is fantastic. It could easily have been too frosty looking, but wasn't. I could have been super brush-strokey, but wasn't.

It flowed on pretty nicely, and was easy to clean up.

I do have to say, I don't mind the names for myself, but I wouldn't be willing to let my girls put on a polish with a name like this.

I'd love to see these folks come out with mini bottles of these colors, named something similar but, uh, cleaner. There are probably plenty of other parents who would buy those. Or maybe I'm just an idiot. Hehe.

Regardless of names, I really like this color. I can totally see using this on my toes to show them off in sandals.

I wish I would have thought to try this out as matte, I bet it would look fantastic. Even under flash, it's not overly brush strokey.

Okay, that's enough for now, but I may wind up coming back to post some more later. Who knows?

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