Monday, April 4, 2011

ELF Swatches (Part Two)

Let's just jump right in and look at them. Same deal as the last post, swatched my regular way, and just a little bit of my chattering.

I hope you don't mind my lack of detailed reviewing, but I didn't write things down, so my impressions are about all I have.
Nice color, takes about 3 coats.

Totally not my style of color, but went on well.

Not very purply, pretty meh to me.

More purply, kinda pretty.

Nice deep color, went on well.

Nice color but needs like 5 coats.

Average color, nice coverage, leans reddish.

Love this one, even if it needs 3 coats.

Another 3 coater that I love.

Leans red, goes on nicely, not really my kinda color.

Pretty enough, went on well.

And that's the last one.

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