Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Can't Sleep!

So, since I can't sleep, you're getting more swatches. This time I'm going to show you a bunch of random WNW polishes that I've picked up over the last several months. Then I'll try laying down yet again and see if I can get to sleep THIS time. I swear, if I could find a magical way to sleep on a normal schedule, and not wake up fatigued every day, I'd give up an awful lot for it. Not like, nail polish, let's not get carried away.

Some of these have names, and some are just numbers.
Nice enough coral, but nothing to write home about. Two to three coats, a little on the thin side.

Pretty much a four coater, and more brown than I tend to like. I'm just not much of a neutral kinda girl.

Oh look, a thin, runny black. Yeah, maybe I'll franken with this one.

I actually Really like this one, even if it will take four to five coats for full coverage. Maybe layered over a red.

Okay this? I LOVE. Totally worth four coats, and looks great over black as well. I don't have another polish like it!

This is a great blue, and I love it. Probably a two coater.

Definitely a better polish when layered. Would look good over most anything.

Will certainly need four to five coats, but a great yellow color for me. Not quite neon, but very bright. Would probably work well over white.

And, that's the last one for tonight, er rather, this morning. Maybe tomorrow I can post about our wine tasting adventure, the pictures are still on the camera! Not that I took pics at the tasting itself, it was way too crowded for that, but I got a few from our lovely hotel room. And I had the BEST piece of salmon I have EVER tasted. Aw man, now I'm hungry. Sheesh. I think I'll lay down and see if I can get to sleep, maybe when I wake up I'll make something light to eat. If I manage to get up before The Mate, I could surprise him with a nice breakfast.

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