Monday, April 4, 2011

Whoa, Time Flies!

Whether we're having fun, time really does fly around here. You'd think that staying home all the time would lead to lots of extra time, but we manage to fill it up quite easily with the things we do. First of all, there's a lot to do to take care of all the critters and give them the attention they need. The spare time I do have, I tend to use to read all sorts of things online, including a whole LOT of blogs. Because I can't just sit and read all day, I hardly ever have time to comment on all the great blogs out there, and that bums me out. I mean, everybody likes comments on their blog, and they'd probably like to know that one more person likes what they have to say. Anyway, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, because I'm not, just saying that we keep extra busy even without working outside the home. So, how about I get to it, and show off some more NOTD pictures.

The week leading up to St. Patrick's Day, I went with the greens that I had handy. I started with green dots, done with Sinful Last Chance and Ruby Kisses Tropical Green.

I just got some new dotting tools, and of course I *had* to use them right away.

I quite like the way this one turned out.

As you can see, I did the opposite for the accent nail, which for me is almost always the ring finger.

Both of these polishes went on nicely, and I used three coats for the base with each of them.

The Ruby Kisses works slightly better for dotting, as the Sinful one sort of 'bled' a little, although I got better as it as I went along.

I do need to practice dotting, so it looks more even and so on, but I'm happy with the way this looks in the end.

I think this type of mani would be really fun to do in multicolors.

There are endless combinations that would work with dots.

So next, I decided to use China Glaze Starboard.

I love this color, and I love how easily it flowed onto the nail.

This is two fairly thick coats, and as you can see, it gives great coverage.

It is fairly similar to Essie Pretty Edgy, though not exactly the same.

This is certainly a keeper for me.

What do you think?

I sorta took the easy way out on this next mani, and just did some adding.

As you can see, I chose China Glaze Jolly Holly for that. These are pictures of my right hand.

That one is fantastic close-up! No way am I gonna give up that polish any time soon. Blurred to show the difference in color.

I didn't get good pictures of the right hand, but I did manage pretty decent ones of my left, which I chose to Konad.

I know it's not so much a shamrock, and more of a four-leaf clover, but I like the way this looks.

Jolly Holly stamps quite well.

I left that on for a couple days, then did a marble.

For this marble, I used Essie Pretty Edgy and my usual WNW white.

Then I used the China Glaze Lightning crackle on my accent nail.

This is one of my favorite marbles.

I still need more practice, but I guess I'm getting better.

I hope you can deal with my ragged cuticles, I've been spoiling them as much as possible, but the meds are wreaking havoc.

I guess it's worth it though, not to have my entire body covered in psoriasis.

Thought I'd include a picture of my right hand too. On the ring finger, I used a white base coat. The index finger has a black base coat. The others were green based. And I slapped a Toma holo top coat over it. I chose not to use that on the left though.

Here it is close up, such a delicious combination!

This next one was fun for me, I like the way the colors look together.

The Revlon Emerald needed a matte top, so I thought, and the Ruby Kisses Millionaire Green was great all shiny and sparkly.

This was two coats of the Revlon, and three of the Ruby Kisses.

Both of these are keepers too.

Who am I kidding? Pretty much EVERY nail polish is a keeper for me!

Eventually, I do hope to start paring down the collection, but for now, I do like having the selection I do.

So what do you think of these two?

Finally, on St. Patrick's Day itself, this was what I went with.

It's a glitter from Born Pretty, and I lurrrve it!

I didn't write it down, but I think I did three coats.

Someday I might get organized enough to keep better track of these things.

This is a fantastic color, and I look forward to trying more of them.

It's fantastically shiny.

It's also smoother than it looks, which I love.

I like the little bit of silver that runs through it.

I do wish it had a name. It would have to be something amazing.

Like so many others I've seen, I thought I'd use some tape to play with this. I cut curvy strips, plastered them on, and then used a matte top coat to create this look.

I really like the effect for this mani.

What do you think about it?

So, that's the holiday set for St. Patrick's Day. Hee. I've got some swatches coming up, and then a special color to share!

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