Sunday, April 10, 2011

ZOMG Clarins 230!!!

So, like a billion years ago I won a bottle of Clarins 230, and I promised a LOT of pictures. Well, today, you get to see them! Yes, it was close to a month before I put it on, and longer to edit... in part because I was almost afraid to open the bottle. I know, sounds really silly, but when you've wanted a color that much, for that long, you might just get a bit sentimental over it. So anyway, I put it on, and then I left it on for several days, because that is one polish you just DO NOT remove hours, or even a couple days later. It's just too fantastic for that. I think I took several dozen pictures, and I still had trouble figuring out if I had enough. I managed to pare it down to like, 30 or so. Hehehe. So let's take a peek at it!

In case you couldn't tell by my last post, I had RBL Iconoclast on, so I put the Clarins 230 over that. It looked amazing. It was so incredible that I'm not even going to try to describe it, I'm just going to put up these pictures and let you bask in it's glory. And you really really REALLY need to click and embiggen these pictures. It's totally worth it.

There are just no words that can compare to the pictures, and even the pictures do NOT do this polish justice. From the deep burgundy red sparkle to the mossy bright green sparkle, and everywhere in between, it's just an incredible polish. and I really do feel privileged to own it after all this time. I mean, it's been something like 4-5 YEARS that I have wanted it! So yeah, it's pretty important to me, and no, it isn't with my regular stash, it's in my night table drawer where it's protected and near me. Stop laughing at me. I'm just a big mush, is all.

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