Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Things To Check Out!

I am still attempting to catch up on blogs and such, plus revamp my other blog (and maybe this one before long), so I thought I'd share the fun stuff I've found. Like, Barielle has a giveaway on their site, and you can enter! Please keep reading for some more nice giveaways!

First up, Fashioned In Finland has a lovely giveaway going on. Here is the prize!
Now, this is totally not something I would use, so I'm not entering, but you should! Pop on over and enter here!

Enameled Girl has turned one, and she has a wonderful giveaway going on! Look what you could win:
Isn't that fantastic? You should run right over and enter now, and the contest ends June 10th.

AquaHeart has turned two! Her giveaway is ending May 31st, and here is the prize:
Again, I'm not entering, as I have the Revlon Crazy Shine, and would not be able to use the rest, but you should pop over and enter here!

All You Desire has an adorable simple giveaway, and just look at what you could win!
GIMME! *makes grabby hands* Ahem. Uh, yeah, go enter over here before May 29th.

And today's last giveaway is from You've Got Nail, and Picture Polish. You could totally win the brand new Ozotics Elytra Collection!! So you'd better run right over this instant and enter here! It's over at the end of May, so get to it!

Now I'm off to check the mail and see if anything wonderful has arrived!

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