Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well, I've decided that even though I'm supposedly not a pink girl (but I find a lot of polish I love in pink, so I should just stop that), I'd better jump on this bandwagon, and start doing pink on Wednesdays.
So, if you like pink, then you'll want to go check out all the blogs that have joined in before me. Just click the image to head over there.

So today's mani was one I did a little while back, but that's the way it happens when I'm busy allllllllll the time. Haha. But anyway, this was my first attempt at the whole jelly sandwich thing that's making the rounds as well. I don't even know who to credit, since I've seen it so many different places.

I started with a couple coats of Revlon Victorian, one of their new Just Tinted polishes.

Then I used my Sassy Doo blue bar glitter (no name, figures) for the 'filling'.

For my accent nails, I used about 3 coats of Toma holo top coat, and then I snuck a coat of it on the rest too.

And on the accents, I also added some little hearts, since I was wearing this mani to go pick up my kids.

Then I topped it all off with another coat of Victorian, and of course my trusty SV.

I thought this was interesting and fun. It also wore very well for me.

I love the way the sparkle shines out from the middle.

I kept this on for 3 days, since I was driving 18+ hours in two days, and didn't want to muck around with changing it. And when we got home, I was just too wiped out to even do my nails!

This lasted through all the pumping gas, a night of swimming and hot tubbing at the hotel, and general goofing off.

I'm going to have to dig up alllllll my jellies and do lots more playing with this. I like it.

I think it would rock to do this kind of polish in pedi form. That's if I can ever get my toes into some decent shape, they are looking exceedingly awful right now. One big toenail is only half there, and a couple of the smaller toenails have pretty much fallen totally off. Now I'm going to get moving on chores and such, so that I can hopefully do some more posting later on, and catch up on my other blog too. Don't forget to go check out all the other lovely pinks out there!