Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bloggers Speak Out

I'm certain by now that most anybody who reads nail blogs has seen the article from Nails Magazine about bloggers, and the fauxpology that was printed after bloggers spoke up about it. I was rather shocked in general, and couldn't really formulate a response. However, there are 9 bloggers out there (that I found) who did, and far more eloquently than I ever could. I think it's important that we consider what they've said, and realize that bloggers and professionals can certainly coexist side by side.

The first response I saw was from Beauty Judy, who is a fantastic writer. Her post, titled Forgive Me For I Have... Blogged, makes a number of excellent points. As she is a journalist, I can't help but think that there is no reason she shouldn't be at beauty shows checking out the new polish collections and reporting them back to us.

Mary, of Body & Soul writes, Bloggers & Nails Magazine: There's Room Enough For All Of Us. Again, another post with a number of excellent points. For example, one does not need to be a pro to enjoy something, and want to learn more about it. And certainly not to be passionate about it.

When one of my favorite bloggers (the Polish Insomniac) read that post, she responded on her blog as well, and made a post titled Why I am not renewing my subscription to Nails Magazine. Sure, she gets samples from a polish company or three here and there, but I feel that's a good thing.

In her post, she linked to three other bloggers who responded online as well, Nightly Nails, BeautyJudy and IceQueen's Nail Parlor. Of course I ran right over to see what had been said that I hadn't read. It's not that I like the drama, but this is a fairly big deal to me, as I blog about nail polish, and I can count on one hand how many free polishes I've received because of it. It's all of three bottles, and two of those were before I even had a blog - sent in return for the chance to use my pictures. (Side note: That was quite an honor, and those polishes are still among some of my favorites - it was when ManGlaze was first getting going and they sent me a couple bottles. The other was from Picture Polish for their world blogger swatches.)

IceQueen's response is a post called Well, You Might as Well Take Me Out Back and Shoot Me, Now... which is as well written as the others. In her case, she has never received polish samples at all. She is a "credentialed interior decorator", and she points out that a homeowner can still decorate their own house. I heartily agree.

Over on Nightly Nails,a post titled Thoughts from a lowly, non professional blogger tells us how this is a "slap in the face" and asks what the point of insulting polish bloggers is. As I am one of these unprofessional bloggers, I have to agree with what she said.

Well, after all that, I thought about writing my own post about all this, but the responses I've read say it far better than I ever could. As I went about reading more of the dozens of blogs I read, I found a few more responses, so I think they should be included here as well.

The Manicured Slayer tells us that she is a Proud Polish Junkie (I think we can all agree that there is nothing wrong with that). She eloquently explains just how special polish is to her, and why she loves doing her nails so much. I'm right there with her, as nail polish is one area I can express myself in ways I can't anywhere else.

Rin of Rin's Nail Files posted her response titled To all my fellow bloggers and also my lovely readers.... and I must say I agree. Again, she has never received free polish for her blogging, and her decision (along with a lot of other bloggers) to stop reading Nail Magazine is one I can get behind.

A newer blog, Frankenstyna, had her say as well. Her post, titled Uh oh. I'm on a rant., is well written, thoughtful, and makes some really great points. Again, the passion that bloggers bring to the table are why companies are standing up and taking notice.

I just have to include this Tumblr post, which made me smile. "Keep bloggin' like it's hot" indeed.

Perhaps if some of the nail techs that are so 'threatened' by bloggers had the passion the bloggers do, they would find we would welcome them with open arms. I have met a couple of nail techs who are as passionate about nail polish as most of the bloggers I've met, and that is really awesome. But I've met far more who are so lackadaisical about it that it's almost a joke. And finding somebody who's willing to work on my nails, what with the psoriasis and such, is nigh on impossible.

I'll be back with my shiny pictures soon, maybe even something pink for tomorrow. It all depends on if this unprofessional polish junkie can get it together. (Probably not.)

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