Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Wednesdays We...

Announce our winner! Yes, the giveaway is complete, and I drew a winner, and now I need to announce her! There were a total of 48 entries. How fantastic! Let's see what the gave me for a number!

Well, lucky number seven for somebody. But who? Well, click the link and see who it is!

And away we go!

So, to our lovely winner, you've got til Friday evening to email me and claim your prize... actually, make it Saturday morning, since I'll be busy Friday night. If not, I'll have to draw somebody else (sadface).

As long as I'm here, I'll share a couple more polishes with you. First, is a Bonita polish called Chrome My Nail. It was almost enough with one coat, but I almost always do two anyway. Especially since I use really thin coats.

I can't possibly think there is anything wrong with a silver like this.

Shiny shiny silver, oh how I love it.

It's kinda like I have little mirrors on my nails.

I really love how shiny this turned out. I know I have dupes for this, but I don't care.

I liked this silver so much I kept it on another night, but I slapped some Konad on there.

I like that I was able to fit the design on my stubby little nails.

I thought this one turned out pretty nice.

The other polish I want to share is a Studio M polish named Energy Star. It's a lovely light green.

I bet somebody who uses thicker coats could get by with three, or even two.

I even managed to wrap my tips pretty well.

It may have taken four coats, but it was worth it.

I really like this color.

There aren't any flash pictures, since these were taken outside.

And let's sneak a peek at my pedi as well. Fair warning here... my feet look pretty awful with the psoriasis, and if you aren't into feet, mine are certainly not going to help.

No really, if you don't like feet, just don't scroll down to look at these.

I'm only sharing because the color is pretty, but the feet are not.

However, I think everybody should be able to have lovely colors on their toes, and just because mine aren't pretty feet, doesn't mean I don't like to spoil myself a little with some color on my toes.

Anyhow, you've been warned, so if you scroll down and don't like what you see, tough.

I'm not going to hide the ugly parts of having psoriasis from the world. I'm not ashamed of a disease that I can't help.

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