Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dude, I'm A Slacker!

Okay, not so much really, but I have been busy as heck what with the new pup and all the other things going on. Like, The Mate is getting a new power chair, so he'll be able to go place again! This is awesome, but meant I had to do some serious moving of things so he could use it in the house as well. And I'm not anywhere close to done with the things I need to get done around here, but you didn't come here to listen to me whine about that.

And I blew up my Greader, and am starting over so I can organize, so I will have to spend some time working on that too. So if I unfollowed you, it's not personal, and I'll be back! Possibly under my other gmail address, so that I can keep things organized, and maybe be able to comment on posts sooner. See, I sometimes wind up reading posts a week or more after they are posted, and I always feel strange about commenting so late, so I kinda don't do it, and then I feel bad that I'm not commenting on all your wonderful posts! Yucky spiral that is.

Of course, I also have lots of things I'd like to do with my blogs, and not nearly enough time to do them, which kinda sucks too. And editing pictures takes me quite a while, so I need to either get better at it or take less pictures. Yeah right, less pictures. That won't happen. I'd love to reorganize my Photobucket, but that would mean going back and correcting ALL my links, and I'm not sure I have the guts to try that. Too bad there isn't a way to automate that. And while I'm mentioning ambitions, I'd like to do some videos for my blogs, so that means a whole new set of things to learn, like how to edit them, and how to take decent ones. Not to mention get over how much I hate hearing myself talk. Haha.

So anyway, here I am with my first manicure of the year, three weeks later. If you're still reading, then jump on in and take a peek at what I did. I sure liked it.

I started with L'Oreal After Hours, from the new line.It's a nice navy jelly, and since I was putting something over it, I just did one coat, though it could have used two. But it was late, I was in a hotel room, and I wanted to see the end results RIGHT NOW.

So, here you go, the end result, adding Essie Shine of the Times to the blue. LOVE IT! Ooh look, the hotel desk too. Wheee!

I love the multi-chrome effect of these flakes. Just lookit those colors!

Flash makes it look kinda coppery, with hints of yellowish green.

Angling the light differently brings out the green and yellow effect a lot.

Here you can see the orange, rust, copper kinda color with hints of green at the edges.

I seriously took a LOT of pictures, and had a really hard time narrowing them down to just these.

This does remind me of Nubar 2010, and SH Hidden Treasure (the original one, not the new one - WTF SH?), but the flakes are way thicker in this.

In some ways, I like all the flakes in this, because this was ONE coat to get the effect. However, sometimes it's fun to have a few less so that you can see the base color better. So it depends on what you prefer. I like both, and want to have both, so I'll keep them all.

If there had been any sunshine, I would have gotten pictures in it, but it was stormy as heck, practically a blizzard, so I couldn't do sun pics. Ahh well. Besides, I probably would have been distracted by the puppy, since he was all new and needy and cute and so on.

I love the color shift just by moving my nails around. Luckily I was able to keep my squeeing to a dull roar so that I didn't wake up The Mate. And the puppy.

Even in low light there is so much color and character in this.

So, what do you think? Would you like to wear a polish like this?

As a reward for reading and looking at all that, here are a couple of pictures of said cute puppy that is taking up so much of my time. Let me introduce you to Koshka! I love this picture, the two guys I love most in the world (besides my son, duh) snuggling does my heart good.

Of course, he's awful cute just sleeping on his own too. The puppy, I mean, although The Mate looks pretty cute when he sleeps. But I don't think he'd like me to post pictures of that.

Don't worry, Krissie isn't being left out at all, she still gets her place on the bed, generally something along these lines.

Yes, she is under the covers between us, and on her own pillow. Stop laughing at me. She's NOT spoiled.

Okay y'all, I totally need to get into bed, because I have chores in the morning, and then I think The Mate wants to try to go fishing. Which I like. Because if I'm bored with fishing, I can crawl into the van and cuddle up with puppies and watch movies. Hee.