Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oooh, Like, A Whole Month!

So we've come to day 30 of the challenge, a mani inspired by a tutorial. Well, one of the ones I've liked best is this one over at the Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog. This Geometric Nail Art Tutorial is reasonably simple (anybody can do it!), and gorgeous. So why don't we take a peek at how I did?

I started with the base color of Confetti's Rhapsody In Blue, which is a light steely blue. Then the first diagonal color was Unforgettable Moments in Sparkling Turquoise. Over that, the second diagonal color was my old friend, Wet N Wild Black Creme. And the little lines were done with Claire's top coat (no name, so I call it silver OMGPRETTYHOLO).

No, seriously, just look at the holo in there!

So, the finished look comes out like this.

I didn't have quite as much contrast as the tutorial, but I like it.

I did find out that I really need better brushes for this kinda thing. But it was still workable.

I think this would be fun with all sorts of color combinations.

When I blue it a bit, you can see the lovely sparkle of the Claire's polish.

So now tomorrow you will get to see which one I decided to recreate for the last day of the challenge? Which one did you like best?

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