Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wave Your Flag!

Whoooo! We're up to day 28, and today's mani is one inspired by a flag. I've done American flags a few time, so I didn't want to go with that. I've seen plenty of British flags, and some others, and I kinda didn't want to do those. Finally I settled one one that I thought would be fun, and pretty, and that means something to me. I decided to go with the Czech Republic's flag. It's a clean and simple design. We're using some Czech commands for our dog. I have Czech ancestors in my bloodline. Seems like three is enough, right? You can click on this sentence to see info about the Czech Republic, with a picture of the flag.  So now let's see how I did this on my nails.

I used 10 Professional Nail Lacquer from CVS in Lady In White for the white, and as the base.

This is another white that I like for basing nail art on.

To make the red part, I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamonds & Rubies. Normally I'd use tape for nice even lines, but in this case I was feeling steady, so I went freehand.

You can see how my lines aren't so perfect here, but it isn't very noticeable unless you get up close.

For the blue, I wound up using an unnamed, unbranded bottle that I picked up in a package from CVS.

Once again, I went freehand on this, but I probably wouldn't do that again for better lines.

I sorta had to glob the blue on, but it still turned out pretty nice. All in all I was very happy with how this one looked.

From further away, this looked quite fantastic. If every nail looked like the pinky then it could almost be called perfect. Well, as perfect as it can get. Because I am not perfect or anything. But I can try hard to do mybest anyway.

So, you keep hearing about this puppy we got, but I haven't shared pictures. What is up with that? Well, I haven't got a lot - I've been pretty busy with all sorts of things. So here's just one so that you can squee over how adorable he is like we have been.

How cute is he?!? I could chatter about him for hours, he's just too much fun. But I'd better get this posted, and get my mani finished, and get some sleep. I have tons of work to do. Don't you wish that the chores could complete themselves?

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