Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's Get Nekkid!

No, I don't mean let's take all our clothes off or anything like that. I mean the Cult Nails Let's Get Nekkid! Collection. Which of course I bought as soon as possible when it was available. I'm sure this is no surprise to anybody who has been reading along, as I'm a huge fan of Maria and her polishes. And of course, this collection is no different, except that I would normally not have jumped on a collection with these colors. I'll tell you what though, I'm really glad I did! So, for the next five days, I will feature one of these lovely colors. Today, I'm starting with Mazo.

This is a nude polish with a nice shimmer in it. Up close like this you can see all the green and gold and orange shifting of the shimmer.

When you get a little further away, it's still shimmery, but much more subtle. I tends to look more golden then. 

When you can't see the shimmer, it's a very nice neutral cool beige. The shimmer brings some warmth to it, and makes it wearable for cool or warm toned folks. 

In low light, you can still see the shimmer a bit, and it looks more tan. 

I wound up using four coats to get this coverage, and I can't really see any VNL. 

I also used Cult Nails Get It On base coat, and Wicked Fast top coat for all these manis. 

So, for all that I claim not to like nude polishes, Maria has turned that upside down, because I LOVE this polish. If I'm in need to a very neutral polish for anything, this is definitely going to be a go-to color. 

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