Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Sandwich On Saturday

No, I'm not going to show you pictures of some sandwich that I ate... but I do have a sandwich of sorts for you. As you may know, a sandwich in the nail polish world is when you apply a layer of a jelly polish, then a layer of glitter, and follow up with another layer of the jelly, thus "sandwiching" the glitter between the layers of jelly. Being as I love me some glitter, of course you must know that I'm all sorts of happy with this kinda of mani. So, let us go and see what my sandwich is made of!

I used Pro 10 Siren Of The Sea for my "bread", which is the jelly polish. It's a lovely darker red, and three coats of it looks pretty fantastic, I think.

My nails were in great shape for these pictures, and I really do love this kind of color every so often.

This one cleaned up nicely and was easy to work with.

I was lucky and found this polish for 75% off, so it was a great bargain.

With flash, you can really see how red it is.

Once you go outside, it's still red, but you can see the darker side of it just a little.

After a couple days, I added Sally Hansen Ring A Ding, which is a nice gold hex glitter.

There I go wearing polish for more than a day again. Hehe.

Then another layer of Siren goes on to complete the sandwich. I'm loving this kind of look, I get my glitter, but it's not IN YER FACE.

Turn on the flash and the glitter almost looks dark. Another nice thing is that it hides any VNL for the most part.

When you look fairly close, it seems like the glitter is suspended, a little bit like fruit in Jello. Man, I'm making myself awful hungry!

Okay, here we have it 3 days later to show tipwear, which wasn't all that much. 

This mani lasted me almost a whole week, including the part where I wore just the Siren.

I love how this looks in sunlight.

Even the tipwear wasn't too bad, especially for me, because I'm really hard on my nails. Oops, there's a kitty hair in my picture. Hehe.

So there you go, a sandwich of polish that made me all sorts of happy. And now, I think I'm going to make myself a sandwich with croissants, eggs, and delicious breakfast meat. 

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