Monday, October 15, 2012

Da Bluuuuue!

I've got a gorgeous blue for you today, and I chose to accent it with silver crackle. I'm all sorts of busy this week, as The Mate's birthday is Friday, and I'm gearing up to try to make it nice and special, even with a very small budget. So, let's take a peek at the polish.

This lovely polish is Nicole Listen To Your Momager. I'm really not into the Kardashians at all, but the colors are pretty, so when I had the chance to get them on clearance, I did.

I am glad I picked these up, although they aren't super new or different. Especially since I'm missing out on a lot of other polishes what with my paychecks being messed up. Blargh.

This is absolutely wonderful in the sun. It takes my mind off of the money to think about polish more. 

The silver crackle is the Silver Texture from Nicole. I love how well it crackled.

My nails were a bit shorter here, but they grow so fast that I don't mind. I actually like them not to be too long. Mostly because I cannot bring myself to wear gloves when I do most of my chores, and I seem to use my nails as tools more than I should. I'm a bad example. Hee.

Of course, my nails are in reasonable shape anyway, even though I abuse them awfully. Okay, maybe not THAT badly, but I could be easier on them. 

Well, that's it for this Monday filled with DA BLUE. I hope this week turns out to be a blast for you and me!

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