Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bright and Shiny!

Today's polish falls into one of my favorite color groups, as it's a gold polish! It's also one of my favorite finishes, because it's glitteriffic! So rather than blather on about it like a bozo, let's just jump right in and look at it!

This is Nicole Glitter In My Stocking. And let me tell you, it's certainly a GLITTER.

I love love LOVE this polish.

The color is gorgeous, and it went on so very nicely.

I like how there are bits of orange and yellow in there too. Or something like that.

This hops into my top 20 pretty easily.

There's just nothing like a wonderful glitter to look at. Unless it's a wonderful glitter with a crackle top coat!

Why yes, I felt the need to add a nice black top coat to this polish.

This one is part of a set from Pure Ice.

As you can probably see, I did my accent nail sideways to be different. 

I just love the gold peeking out from under the black.

Ooh flash makes it sparkle all sorts of pretty.

This is yet another mani that I kept staring at randomly throughout the day. 

What do you think? This one makes me happy in the pants. Even if I'm wearing PJs. Hee. 

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