Friday, October 12, 2012

Fast Friday Flashback

I've got a real quick Flashback today, some comparison pictures. When I first started getting really into nail polish, I wanted to collect some of the rarer polishes, and I did manage to get some pretty neat ones. Two that I really wanted are China Glaze Wet Velvet and OPI Real Teal. Once I had them, I saw how similar they are, and made comparisons. Today I'll show you those pictures.

Of course, I wasn't as good at keeping my nails unmessed up back then, so there's some lovely mess here, but you can still how how much they are alike.

They aren't exact dupes, so if you're really into polish, one might not substitute for the other, but for the average person, they are probably interchangeable.

As you can see in this picture, the OPI is a 'smoother' shimmer, almost moving into frost territory, while the ChG is a little more 'scattered'. Neither looks black, even in dim light.

Flash reveals the metallic type finish that isn't really so obvious under normal lighting. And you can see that the ChG is just ever so slightly darker than the OPI.

Tomorrow I'll be back with more Nicole polishes, and I've got a few crackles to share in the next few days as well. I'm so not over the crackle trend yet, even though I know a lot of people are. But I've gotten a lot pickier about which ones I'll buy, since I have so many crackle colors and I also like a lot of other finishes.