Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kissy Face

As you may know, we have two dogs, and one of them is a Beagle mix named Krissie. We often use the nickname Kissy, or Kissy Face, or Kissy Kiss, or other variations on that theme. So when I saw today's polish, I HAD to pick it up, there was no way I could leave it there. Shall we see what it looks like?

This is a Pure Ice polish, and it's name is Kissy Kiss.

I might have chosen a pink for that name, if I were choosing based on our dog, because she is a girly girl.

That doesn't mean she can't get right in and be a rough little dog as well, but all in all, she is the delicate type that doesn't want to get her feet wet most of the time. 

This is a pretty gorgeous color though, and well worth the three coats it took to get full coverage.

I like how it's sort of bright in brighter light, but yet got a hint of murkiness to it in dimmer light.

Three days later, I only had this bit of tipwear, which I think is awesome. 

Have you found any polishes that have names that mean something special to  you?