Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OWWWP ... Crackle!

It's Wednesday, so we know what that means. Although today I did a bit of a switch with it, just because I can.

Let's just get right to it, shall we?

This polish is Nicole The Grape Debate. I thought it would make a nice base for pink crackle.

One coat, as you can easily see, is not enough to cover with this one. But you get a good idea of what it looks like.

Two coats, on the other hand (well, no really on the same hand, haha) covers pretty darn well. But there are still just a hint of bare patches.

Three coats is the magic number for this polish, and then add SV and it's flippin' gorgeous.

Seriously, I love this purple a lot.

It's so shiny and smooth and pretty. 

Not that it's converting me away from being a glitter-holic, but this is a wondrous cream.

If one were to be able to have only one purple cream, this might just be it.

Then comes the pink. I blocked off sections with tape to do this mani. 

My middle finger was an attempt at very thin stripes in the middle, and it bled, so sorta fail there.

However, the rest of the nails turned out pretty nice.

This is yet another mani I could stare at an awful lot. 

I like doing color blocks like this.

The pink almost looks lavender with the purple, but hey, that's okay.

What do you think? 

It's actually starting to be nice out today, though windy, so I'm going to see if we can sneak in some fishing. What with The Mate's birthday in two days (!), I've been busy gathering up lots of little things for him, and rearranging some stuff to make room for him to do his boat model building. It's keeping me busy what with everything else I normally do, but totally worth it. And hopefully I can get some swatching in again soon! I've got quite a backlog going.

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