Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Woohoo! Wednesday!

Well look at that, it's Wednesday again, and we all know what that means, right?
I had to hurry up and get this one edited, I'm running behind still, and don't wear pink as often as other colors, so I'm posting a little out of order too. That's okay though, right? I bet it is. So let's take a peek at the lovely peeeeeenk glitter I have to share!

This is Nicole My Sleigh Is In The Shop. It was from last year's holiday LEs that I HAD TO have because OMG GLITTER.

I did the opposite of my usual, and went with a black base on all except my ring finger. As you can see, one layer provides nearly full coverage, and two pretty much does the trick.

I know this seems to lean purple, but it is pretty pink IRL. I don't play with the color setting when I edit, because I suck at that stuff. 

Oh look, my keys are on the table! Bwahaha.

This is a gorgeous glitter, and one that I would totally wear.

This picture is with flash, so you can see how sparkly and pretty it is. 

Is this a glitter you'd like? Removal wasn't as bad as some glitters, but still a bit more effort than a plainer polish. But to me it's so worth it.