Friday, April 23, 2010

Coral, Orange, Pink, Red... More nail pictures ahead.

As I've said before, I don't tend to wear the colors in these shades as often as others, so I'm combining them into one post... well, I guess this is two posts now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these. I should totally be in bed asleep, but I wore myself out on chores because I was in high gear, and am still all wired up.

I did this one for my best friend, and I really like the way it turned out.

A basic classic red. I hope you can excuse the messiness.

I know it's called neon purple, but it looks pink to me.

A great bright shade of pink.

A lovely polish full of glitter.

A light orange topped with one of the best sparkly oranges ever.

This isn't my favorite orange, but it was fun anyway.

Light pink on short nails is pretty nice. Please forgive my wounded cuticle.

A grand jelly polish. Sometimes I won't use them, because it takes 8 bazillion coats to hide the nail line, but this one was pretty enough to forgive that.

This one leans quite brown, but I categorize it in with reds, I guess. I really don't wear browns and the like very often at all.

Neon pink is fun.

I do post these just for myself really, but someday I kinda hope I'll actually have some readers. I mean, beyond my best friend, who doesn't need to comment for me to know she sees my posts. I've only just started passing out the link, so I guess we'll see if I start getting comments without pretty much asking for them.

In other news, I now have four crates, and an x-pen for the dogs, so I can put them all away if I need to for some reason. Missy is the only dog who is specifically crate trained, but Krissie is going to be as soon as I get a place set up for her crate. I'll be moving Missy's crate so they are side by side, since they are pretty much bestest friends. Lassie will probably enjoy having a crate to go hang out in sometimes, she likes the curl up in little corners. Jessie hated crates when she was younger, but I think she'll be okay with using one sometimes now, since it will keep the others from bothering her so much. The biggest thing is that I plan to feed the dogs in their crates, so that there will not be a chance of fights breaking out over food. Granted, I can keep standing watch over them (they each have their 'spot'), but I'd rather get some more work done while they eat. Then I have more time to play with nail polish.

Anyway, I think it's time for me to lay down and read until I get to sleep, or until it's time to get up and start housework again. We've got frost warnings tonight, so it's getting a little chilly sitting over here, but I like leaving the window cracked open for the fresh air. Hopefully it will warm up a lot tomorrow so I can mow the lawn. I actually like mowing, so this makes me happy. G'night!