Friday, June 11, 2010

More greeeeen!

Yum, sandwich. And some raspberries. I love raspberries so much. If I ever manage to get our back yard redone, I'm going to put in raspberry bushes. But this post is for polish again. So let's get to them.

First, several unnamed polishes. Two from Claire's, and four from Icing; all are minis.

Don't you just love how much those two look alike? Now the Icings.

I really do wish that Claire's and Icing would name their minis. Now let's take a peek at the polishes that do have names.

FingerPaints Guggen I'm Lime.

FingerPaints Sketch N Etch.

Icing Lady Lucky. This one is a matte.

Barielle Polished Princess.

Nubar Reclaim. I really love this green holo.

Pure Ice Free Spirit.

Sally Hansen Going Green.

Sally Hansen Grass Slipper.

Sally Hansen Spring Green.

And that's all the greens. For now. Hehehe. There will always be more in the future.