Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Giving It All Away...

Well no, not really. But, there are some nice giveaways to enter if you'd like.

To win one of three Nail Fraud kits, go check out Beautopia's post over here. Amazing- looking, and I'd love to try those out.

Bec's Beauty Buzz has a great MAC Birthday giveaway. Just check out the prize!
I'm not huge on makeup, but I think I might enter this, as those are very flattering colors, and it might be a good way to start. You can go enter here.

And I Know All The Words has a Very Merry Unbirthday giveaway for you. Look at this!
Isn't it amazing? I hemmed and hawed, but I think I'll skip entering this, as I won't be able to use a lot of it, so why take up a chance? But you can go enter here.

Well, that's enough of a break for me, I'm back off to work on cleaning. Silly dogs dumped the garbage (luckily, it wasn't very full), so the kitchen gets it's second mopping of the day. Then I'll grill something wonderful for supper, and hopefully be able to relax and get some more nail polish pictures up later tonight. This 90+ degree weather is rough on everybody here, and we're only cooling the one room upstairs. I'm not complaining mind you, we had a blast late last night at the dog park in the dark, and I did my manicure with my two new MAC polishes (yes, one on each hand, hee hee) and hope I can edit those pics and share them. I love them! I may just leave them on for another day... maybe add a little nail art from Viva La Nails (and I have to do some reviewing there too!) or something. Whooo I am babbling like mad today. But it's all good, and I'm getting my work done too. Which I'm going to do RIGHT NOW. Hopefully see you later!

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