Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

Today's Blog of the Day is another special one to me. As you probably know way too well by now, I do rescue transports for dogs and cats on a fairly regular basis, and I love it. Well, today I introduce you to...
Diary Of A Dog Transporter.

It's kind of amazing how many people are out there, driving one leg of a long journey to get animals to safe and happy homes. I must admit, I'm a bit proud of being one of those people, while at the same time, I wish I could do so much more. It was really tough to choose favorite posts from here, but I did find a few that I'll share.

Transport 1: Molly and Beagle Puppies

Free To A Good Home?

Transport 33: Charlie, Charlene, and Chai

Go look at her fantabulous pictures, and enjoy reading about her adventures.

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