Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

It's a late one, but I haven't forgotten about my Blog of the Day. Today I'm going to share another nail polish blog that I am really enjoying. Let me introduce... Spooky Nails! She just finished her giveaway, so you may have missed out on that, but her pictures are worth looking at. Her nails are lovely, and she takes great pictures!

As always, picking out favorite specific posts is tough. I usually have about three dozen favorites, so narrowing it down to just a few to feature takes me a while. But, I persevere, because I'm like that. Here are three posts of hers that I love.

Fake Alice

Purple Guppy Fish

Layering Milani Cyberspace

So, if you like seeing a lot of great polish pictures, especially some foreign ones that we don't see as much in the USA, this is one great blog to check out.

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