Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

Well, here I am, posting my Blog of the Day at a reasonable hour. I'm also trying to work on getting pictures uploaded, since I found the cables. Hehe. Anyway, today's blog is one that I really enjoy reading, especially since I can relate. It is Parrot Musings! I love parrots (and that's why I don't have one right now), and grew up around them. Most of my experience was with Amazons, and some of the smaller parrots, but I did some time with Macaws as well. My dream bird is the Hyacinth Macaw, but since they are 1) rare, and 2) costly, it's not likely to happen. But close seconds to that are African Greys, and Amazons; both are amazing birds. But I am not currently in a position to provide the kind of care a parrot needs, and so I don't have any. Maybe someday.

So, it was hard to pick up a few posts to feature, but you know by now that I do it anyway. Take a peek at these, especially if you are a bird lover, and see what you think.

Steve At Three Weeks - the ongoing story of a foster bird and his journey to a better home.

Goldfinch With Update - A brief rescue story of a Goldfinch that was apparently hit by a car, and went back to the wild the same day.

Angry Cookie Monster - Beeps the Caique having a cookie.

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