Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's Be Greedy!

Or maybe let's just take a look at some of the fabulous giveaways going on around the web. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. It'll distract me from other junk.

Let's start with the giveaway on (Squoval)icious. An awesome giveaway that would be a thrill to win. I have to admit I have such a fondness for foreign polishes, I suppose because they aren't common to me.

Next up, Trick or Polish!
It's on Painted Lady Fingers, and another awesome giveaway. While I'd love the polish and plates, the painting is what seals it for me on this one. Isn't it just AWESOME? I think so. And I had a tough time picking which polishes I'd get from the BB Coutures.

Oh look! Productrater has a giveaway too!
It's for $50 worth of Sigma brushes! As much as I'd love winning something like this, I'm going to bow out, because I'd just wind up losing the brushes or something. Go me!

Also Known As has a giveaway for a gift certificate from Apothica. You should take note that your entry must be EMAILED to be counted.

Oooh, Art: My Way has a lovely Halloween Giveaway.
Wouldn't it be fun to play with that stuff? I think so, and I entered.

AprilAthea7's Beauty Blog is giving away a fantabulous prize over here.
I mean, just look at all that great stuff! Unfortunately for me, i can't seem to comment on her Youtube vid to enter. *cry cry*

There is also an amazing giveaway happening over at You've Got Nail. It's not a random drawing, but a contest! I'm all aflutter!

And, the last one for this post is the giveaway at Never Ending Obsession. She got all the way up to 100 Followers! YAY! *throws confetti* 
And I'm seriously falling over myself on this one, I would LOVE to have some BYS polishes!

Well, that is enough for now, I'm going to go throw my camera off a cliff (not really), kick the cats and dogs (yeah right), and drown myself in the tub (well, sorta, just soak and relax). It's thundering out, and the rain is coming (as if my bones hadn't already told me this), and this makes Michy growly. 

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