Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wow, SEVEN Giveaways!

Woo, I found some giveaways while I was trying to catch up on my reading, so I'll share them with you!

I'm just going to post the pictures and links real quick, and you can check them out on your own time.  And, they are also going to go on my giveaway page, in case you want to check there.

Pretty's Nails & Co - International Giveaway

Fab Ur Nails - Let's Have Fun Giveaway

Cosmetic Cupcake - Polished Pink Giveaway

Tips On Nails Giveaway... no picture, but hey, go enter anyway. Hee. You could win a Starter Konad set!

Playing With The Polish - Birthday Giveaway

Bright Lights Big Color - I Wanna Thank You Giveaway

Girly Addictions Giveaway

There you go, enter, enjoy, good luck!

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