Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'ma Fling Some Glitter!

I'm kinda having a crap day, so I thought I'd go get those holiday manicures and show them off, because that should help lift my spirits. I mean, how can thinking about what a great holiday we had be anything BUT good? So if you'd like to peek at a couple more NOTDs with Xmas colors etc, this is the place to do it!

I love those little snowman polishes that come out around the holidays.

I used a green and silver for a very simple manicure this time.

Since I was in a hurry, I kinda horked it up a bit, so it's not a polish issue, it's an application issue. All my fault. Hee.

Still, when you aren't looking close up, it's okay.

The colors are nice and shiny.

Blurred kinda makes me happy in the pants for this mani.

For Christmas Day itself, I wanted to go fancier, so I layered.

Icing Electric Emerald is a GORGEOUS green shimmer. Then Spoiled Hit The Brakes is a wonderful red creme.

First I added a coat of Spoiled Shaken Snow Globe, then I added a bit of Icing Sunlit (love me some bar glitter), and that's how this mani came about.

This is one I left on for a few days, because it was just so fantastic.

I will caution you that the green did stain my nails, even with two layers of base coat. I don't mind, but I thought you'd want to know.

But looking at the pretty, it was so totally worth it.

Besides, I wear polish pretty much all the time, so it's not like people generally see my nakey nails.

So, is there any specific kind of stuff you'd like to see on my nails? I've got oranges all this week, and a flakie to share, but then I haven't decided what else to do yet, so I don't mind if folks request something specific. Keep in mind that I'm not really that talented at nail art unless it's something I can stamp or use decals for. I just got an AWESOME swap package that I think I should share as well, so you'll probably see those polishes before too long. But for now, I'd better get some chores done, or I won't have time to do my nails tonight! Yikes!

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