Friday, June 11, 2010

Red is the color of loooove.

Or something like that. Strangely enough, as much as I love red, it isn't a color I tend to jump on for my tips on a regular basis. But it's usually a go-to color for my toes. Let's see what I swatched.

First, the unnamed polishes. The Color Workshop, a nice burgundy.

A Claire's polish.

Some Icing reds.

An Art striper in Red Glitter.

Icing Shades of Mexico.

Icing Low Rider.

OPI I'm His Coral-Friend.

Sally Hansen Crimson Diamond.

Barielle Pin Up.

Nicole Volunteer Cheer.

And a few more unnamed polishes. First, one that doesn't have brands OR names.

And three SH minis with no names.

Okay, I have about three posts' worth of swatches left to past, so we'll see if we can get them in before my paycheck is ready.