Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Giveaways, and Some Pics!

Okay, no pictures of the giveaways, just some fast links, since I tweeted about these earlier. I don't wanna overload with just giveaway stuff. So take a peek at these, and enter if you're interested! And enjoy these pictures.

Good Morning Coffee! And Giveaway - You could win some coffee!

Big In Japan Giveaway on Cel's Blog - Some great nail art stuff you could win!

Cucumpear's Double Birthday Giveaway - Oooh you gotta see this one!

AlabasterLacquer Yay It's Giveaway Time - Mmmm I'd love to win this one!

Magic Maid BB Couture - Another rockin' giveaway you should go see!

Polishoholics First Anniversary Giveaway - All sorts of awesome stuff!

So now, let's take a peek at some NOTD pictures I've got. Since I'm sporting my last Model's Own polish now (I did them all week, since I bought 7 in the sale), I want to get the week before's polishes posted.

Take a peek at this deep blue beauty!

How's this for a lovely green? It matches pretty much exactly my Bic mini lighter. Hee!

This purple with copper glitter is right up my alley for unusual combinations. 

I seriously LOVED this polish so much I almost didn't want to take it off.

So the next day I added some nail art to it and kept it another day.

I'm really big on yellows, so this Sinful yellow is going to be a favorite.

Here is my take on the half-moon mani, with white or black accents on opposite hands.

Just a plain purple creme, and it was good without anything else. I don't say that too often.

So, that's enough for now. Hopefully I'll get my transport pictures and Model's Own NOTD pictures up tomorrow... well, later today. For now, I'm going to take my itchy, sore self to bed, and dream about polish. Or ponies.

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