Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day Eighteen

Day 18: Your views on gay marriage.
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This one is super easy! I think that marriage should be between two (maybe more) people who want to be married. End of story. Love is love, and gender/sex should not affect the ability to get married. If religious folks want to make an issue of it, then there needs to be an equivalent in the government's eyes that offers the exact same 'rights' and 'privileges'. And seriously, it should be possible to have a relationship similar to marriage with more than two people as well. For example (not that this is likely, but hey, who knows?), if The Mate and I were to find another person to move in and become part of our family, why shouldn't they be accorded the same "rank" as The Mate and me? If we want to live as a threesome, all having equal shares or whatnot, then why shouldn't there be a way to recognize that without going through some lengthy legal bullshit to establish it? I'm not sure I'm expressing what I mean to, in my head it makes sense, but reading it, not so much.

Anyway, to get back to the actual topic at hand, I feel that if two people want to be married, they should be able to, regardless of sex, gender, race, nationality, disability, or anything else that people seem to want to make an issue. And that's my opinion.

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